Berlin Alley
Seyhoun Gallery ,Tehran 2012


Berlin Alley

Berlin Alley is an old vociferous passageway in Tehran crowded with lots of passerby. I pass the windows of the flamboyant shops filled with mirrors, candlesticks, lamps and lights. Looking for wedding dresses of my new exhibition, I was searching the shops one after the other. Small shops showcase different kinds and models of dresses under florescent lamp, some on complete mannequins and some headless. Looking into the forms and models, I find queenly dresses which remind me more of Europe’s 14th and 15th century modes: dresses fully covered by stones, glasses, mesh, and satin. They were European queens in the shop windows of a narrow crowded alley in Tehran city center.

Second Scene: Bride

A gorgeous queen with a face painted like a Chinese doll or made up in an alamode Arabic style. She is in 15th-century European queen dress facing a mirror. The face in the mirror is superciliously looking at her as if telling her: “You finally wedded!” Today a beautiful queen; tomorrow …?

Third Scene: Doll

The petite girl is there seated while combing her dolls hair, donning her with different clothes and talking motherly to her. She says, “My girl! My Darling! You will grow up some day and get married,…” ignoring the fact that the petite doll remain petite forever.

Fourth Scene: Artist

The artist has stood among huge dolls which have turned into brides. She walks among them, changes their dresses and takes care of their looks like the petite girl. She plays dolls with the huge dolls. The wedded queen dolls in the artists small studio are now thinking of Berlin Alley.

Yasmin Sinai 2012